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Filtering Brand Perceptions,
Observing Product Behavioral Patterns

Customers’ rational dimensions of thought revolve around pragmatic questions of:

Which product do I need?   Do I want your product?   Why do i want your brand?


Practical function and relevance are important, and so are emotional, social and cultural contexts within which behavior and feelings have meaning.


To understand all those:


  • We decode Perceptions, using associative techniques during In-Depth interviews, to understand a specific life sphere or theme, a product / brand's functional, social and emotional values, how those elements impact use & behavioral patterns.

  • We use social media (e.g., WeChat groups) to observe and particpate in social interaction, accessing group members lives, visual and other records, gain feedback on themes and stimuli we wish to evaluate

  • We use extensive observational videos, ask people to create their own ‘Pain & Pleasure Point’ self-ethno videos, other slice-of-life videos, to then explore behavioral patterns, routines, gain evaluations and understand related emotions - their personal angles, articulations and metaphors regarding experienced and perceived product performance, design and other critical dimensions.


Combined with psychological exploration techniques (see 'Identity'), we gain a most reliable and actionable platform for creating a (or sharpening existing) Brand’s  Narrative and Communication Strategy, designed to:


  1. Command strong Emotional Equity by influencing People's Perceptions of a Brand's Personal Relevance

  2. Enhance Usage and Behavioral Patterns, i.e., the practical Role and perceived Value of a Brand & Product in People’s lives


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