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Insight Videos

Insight Documentary Videos:

We transfer insights into coherent, professionally edited and engaging Insight Videos:

  • Videos provide a highly engaging learning experience - ensuring that all stakeholder teams absorb critical information

  • Video stories are built around a complete story arc, with consumer verbatims, footage and stimuli, narrative analysis VO

  • Cover bite-sized topics, in short and long versions, compact download medium for busy executives

  • Supportive Videos effectively remove 'PPT fatigue' during debrief session

  • With multi-language VO and subtitles, ideal for fast regional & global team cascading

Types of Insight Videos:

Identity & Psychological Needs

Product Role & Behavioral Patterns

Contextual Lifestyle

Other Topics (as per design)


INSIGHTS into how 55+ women in China today feel about themselves and their BEAUTY

[one of several identified persona types]




INSIGHTS into the benefits that Chinese mothers expect from TOYS and PLAYFUL interaction with their toddlers
[short excerpt from series of insights videos]






Brand Narrative Videos

For insight transfer into brand positioning / experience / narrative, we create several powerful Brand Narrative Videos, to provide insipiration of the various sharp angles and themes that sync with customers' key needs and motivations.


Here are several examples that helped our clients move forward, fast and effectively and with a clear benchmark against which to measure market performance:

For an ORANGE JUICE BRAND with a 'CARE' Theme, we identified powerful angles on how 'Care' is experienced - and provided compelling Brand Narrative Directions:


Three BRAND NARRATIVE Directions for a global Dairy Brand prior to launch in China - based on deep insights into Chinese mothers' emotional tensions, aspirations and needs, which are often rooted in their OWN childhood:

Three BRAND NARRATIVE Directions for a Toymaker Client, based on a comprehensive understanding how Chinese mothers perceive the benefits of play in their kid's growth:

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