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'Art of Acuity': a unique, Art-based
Critical Observation & Communication Seminar

'Art of Acuity' is our proprietary and acclaimed art-based training seminar, designed to sharpen participants' critical observation and story extraction skills (applicable to any kind of data/information), and the ability to communicate not only concisely and accurately, but with the irresistibly persuasive powers of a master storyteller.

Art of Acuity helps remove the scrourge of compartmentalized and biased thinking, it fosters the ability to handle and embrace ambiguity, to constructively explore ideas and possibilities.

Those are skills we have been losing in today's fragmented information world - and yet those are the skills that make or break careers. The future is created by those who observe deeper meaning, the future is created by those capable of embracing ambiguity, holding and toying with contradictory concepts.

Art of Acuity also fosters cognitive empathy, what in Chinese culture is called "将心比心 jiang xin bi xin" , to feel what others feel and see what others see -- and the ability to communicate with most persuasive effect.

"Provocative and acute! Our conceptual biases are vividly demonstrated by analyzing what we see in carefully selected images and scenes. Highly engaging facilitation by Holger, a very experienced communicator."

LIU Kaiya

Chief Consumer Journey Officer,

Bosch/Siemens China

Watch the introductory video - seminars are conducted on/offline, in small groups of 8-10 attendees each time.

Narrative Psychology Training, for deep and reliable Consumer Insights, for Brand Building

We offer tailored training in Narrative Psychology for application in qualitative and exploratory consumer research. Modules are split into interviewing and analysis techniques. Complementary elements, including metaphor association, visual decoding, experience storytelling, etc., round the picture and versatility.

We teach how to combine the decoding of people's emotional tensions and needs with specific product and brand territories - to make those insights meaningful and actionable to stakeholders.

Narrative Psychology, drawing from psycho-therapeutic approaches, is a most powerful 'weapon' in the arsenal of any consumer insights specialist. It is all about deeply understanding people's sense of identity from which critical motivations, aspirations and daily (brand and product) choices derive. This is something that simply cannot be achieved as effectively via other, regular research approaches.

Contact us for a tailored (on/offline) program to meet your team's specific needs.

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