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Touchpoint Communication Realization

To help stakeholders finalize the sharpest possible thematic angle of the final brand narrative,

and to ensure smooth transfer of the developed brand equity into touchpoint communication, our unique proprietary Transfer Workshops are utilized by our clients.

Effective Stories grow out of a powerful Narrative:

Brand Narrative is the Soil that seeds, grows and infuses Emotions and Meaning into Stories and Messages that touch Customers via various Communication Channels.

I:   Principal Brand Narrative Finalization

This workshop uses storytelling techniques to sharpen emotional, sensorial and functional elements of the brand experience and narrative.


Previously developed Brand Narrative Videos (insights process) and various other input inspire a highly engaging and constructive session, at the end of which client teams have a powerful 'nutritional soil' platform for futher brand story and touchpoint creative content development.


II.   Creative Communication Development

This proprietary workshop is also a favorite with in-house marketing/branding/communication teams, as it provides a valuable 'emboided cognition' opportunity: control insights and brand narrative transfer into touchpoint communication blueprints, for all relevant channels.

We use an array of effective creative development techniques, attendees' own spontaneity and inherent creativity, to transfer insights and the finalized brand narrative into tangible, engaging and motivating communication content.

The output is extremely valuable in providing targeted guidance and inspiration for further development to the external creative agency, and / or empower the internal creative communication team with go-to-market content blueprints.

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