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Creating an (almost) Irresistible Brand Connection

95% of brand communication fails to have an impact.


Most brand messages fail to impact ‘Conscious Reality’,

that is people's Sense of Identity and the 'Meaning' they crave.

For a brand to be successful, MEANING is the holy grail: the brand's specific 'angle' on a theme related to people's lives (and within the context of the category), and the brand's ability with their specific identity-related needs.


An impactful Brand Narrative provides Meaning, because people care about Meaning MORE than the information itself.

With our unrivalled insights, we help your brand create and sharpen the 'Meaning' that your target audiences crave, we design brand communication blueprints, we provide creative briefs and run targeted (creative) communication workshops.


Further Reading, Examples and Case Studies:

Brand Narrative Layers to be addressed in Brand Communication

Below find various Brand Narrative Video excerpts we created for brands,

providing valuable guidance and inspiration for sharpening the

Brand Theme and Creative Content Communication

Several sharply defined angles for a new contact lens brand from B&L, tapping into powerful motivational spaces of CLARITY of Vision, sparkling PERSONALITY, and the quest for personal AUTHENTICITY:


A new dairy brand from one of the world's largest beverage companies: we explored the meaning of MOTHERHOOD, and the role that nutritional dairy products play within that emotional context:

CARE in human relationships was the theme of Identity analysis - we pin-pointed several sharp angles of blending juice's sensory care with emotional tensions that drive the needs for care in daily life:

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