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Narrative Acuity


Brand Equity is the Meaning that people derive from a brand vis-a-vis their deepest needs, tensions & aspirations

We decode People's Narrative Identities:

Tensions, Needs, Identity:

Narrative Identity Psychology

Cognitive Frames:

Perceptions & Behavior

Product & Brand Motivation:

Meaning vis-à-vis Sense of Self

...and empower Brand Communication to 'Sync' and Motivate Emotionally:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Holger for almost a decade now, on projects ranging from user experience to brand narrative, in the context of family living and products and brands that consumers invite into their homes. With a unique western perspective and a deep understanding of the Chinese psyche, Holger brought data to life with pictures and stories that helped my colleagues penetrate complex topics with actionable insights. I learned so much from Holger over the years. I guarantee you will too."
Dr. Kaiya Liu, Senior Director of Marketing  |  Bosch Siemens (B/S/H/) Home Appliances China

“The depth of insights, the strategic directions that Narrative Acuity provide are spot on. A flexible, intelligent and solution-focused combining cutting-edge psychological and other techniques provide a clear, actionable path forward. The results are tangible, clearly outlining the relationships of the different element, strengthening the brand’s potential competitive edge and to our consumers – personally relevant and motivational brand equity.”

Lee Mei Kuen, Global Category Insights Specialized Nutrition  |  FRIESLAND CAMPINA AMEA Pte Ltd

"Holger and this team demonstrate how deep insights can be, they make consumers open their hearts to reveal critical tensions as they talk about how life keeps changing and the role that our brand plays in their personal journeys. The communication idea video they developed then was so well done and elevated a powerful human truth. Every time we play the video it invokes an emotional reaction, eyes well up at a well-crafted story brimming with humanity and motivation. TMRC / Narrative Acuity consistently help us create successful communication platforms; to me, personally, the power and beauty of psychological research makes me think and feel, and I even get a healing perspective..."

Claire Jiang, Senior Consumer & Markets Insights Manager  |  UNILEVER China

"Holger and his team at TMRC / Narrative Acuity provided rich deep consumer understanding, this helped to shape the brand's future positioning. The consumer psychology expertise and other techniques helped us get fresh insights which were successfully applied to our new comms campaign. Their brand narratives provided in the format of videos also brought the spaces to life much quicker for the advertising agency to use and helped us internally make decisions on these deep consumer understanding."

Toni Michel, Global Marketing Manager Specialized Nutrition  |  FRIESLAND CAMPINA AMEA Pte Ltd

"Narrative Acuity’s cutting-edge consumer psychology techniques helped us understand car buyers’ deep needs, aspirations and decisive emotional motivations. Holger and his team then translated insights into powerful brand communication that broke through clutter in China, the world’s most difficult market, by being meaningful to customers, and thereby connecting emotionally."

Daniel Guo, Global Customer Insights Manager  |  FORD Motors Company

Insight Videos

We transfer insights into powerful, well-edited and engaging videos, combining customer voices and our sharp interpretive angles

For actionable path-forwad inspiration, we apply insights and create several sharp(er) brand narrative directions, clear and actionable creative briefs and communication strategy blueprints, and innovation directions

Selected global brands we have recently been working with, in China and other international markets:


Our unique programs offered to client teams and agencies:

Narrative Psychology for Consumer Insights

Cutting-edge Interview & Analysis Techniques Training Program

'Art of Acuity'

Critical Observation & Communication Training Seminar

No one ever made a decision because of a number. They need a story.

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner in economic sciences

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